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ED appoints Commission of lnquiry to investigate Harare rot

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has appointed a Commission of Inquiry (CoI) led by retired judge, Justice Maphios Cheda to probe alleged malfeasance at Harare City Council.

This move aims to address concerns and promote transparency and accountability within the council led by Mayor Jacob Mafume.

“Whereas, in terms of section 2(1) of the Commissions of lnquiry Act (Chapter 10:07), it is provided that, the President may, when he considers it advisable, by proclamation, to inquire into any matter in which any inquiry would, in the opinion of the President, be for public welfare, the government notice reads in part.

“Now, therefore, under and by virtue of the powers and authority vested in the President as afore said, I do, by this proclamation — establish a Commission of Inquiry into matter of local governance by Harare City Council since 2017.”

Mnangagwa also appointed the Secretary for Local Government and Public Works to be the Secretary to the Commission, which was given a six-month mandate, with an option of an extension of a further three months, at such appropriate venue as shall be determined by the Commission of Inquiry.

The CoI has been given a six-month timeline to complete its work, with the possibility of a three-month extension if needed. The commission will conduct its inquiry at a venue of its choice.

After completing its findings the Commission will submit a report to the President within three months of completion of the Inquiry.

The panel will conduct a comprehensive investigation into various aspects of the Harare City Council’s operations such as the financial management of revenue generated through special vehicle companies and outsourced arrangements, the reasons behind the failure to implement an enterprise resource planning system, the procedures for managing, selling, leasing, or transferring council properties to private entities, the convening of council meetings, compliance with procurement laws, including the disposal of assets and adherence to the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets (PPDPA) Act.

The inquiry is expected uncover any irregularities, inefficiencies, or illegal activities within the council’s operations and make recommendations for improvement.

The notice added that the Col will conduct visitations where necessary, summon witnesses, record proceedings, minute testimonies, and documents, consider and manage all information gathered in order to arrive at appropriate findings and recommendations to the President.

Other commission members appointed include Steven Chakaipa, Norbert Phiri, Lucia Gladys Matibenga and Khonzani Ncube.

The team will work to investigate and address various issues related to the council’s governance, financial management, and operations.


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