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Welshman Ncube says Chamisa led CCC through runners

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) member Welshman Ncube claimed that the party’s former leader, Nelson Chamisa, ran the organization through the use of “runners” and was not accountable to anyone.

The CCC has fractured into several factions, each led by figures such as Ncube, Jameson Timba, Sengezo Tshabangu, and the “Blue Movement” comprising expelled MPs loyal to Chamisa.

Speaking recently on an X Space platform, Ncube alleged that Chamisa had consolidated all key leadership positions within the party, including those of president, spokesperson, secretary general, and treasurer general. Said Ncube (via NewZimbabwe.com):

When you are in the struggle for democracy, when you say you are a democratic alternative that you will govern democratically that by definition means that you must be organized democratically yourselves.

When you say you are the only leader with authority over everything, you become the dear leader. You are the president and chief spokesperson. You are the secretary general. You are the treasure general.

You direct the closure of all party accounts. You operate without any known party accounts. There are no financial oversight procedures mechanisms.

You are structureless. You have no democratic ways of making decisions at all levels. One person with runners makes all the decisions.

It becomes extremely difficult. No rational person should be asked to believe that you can be completely autocratic, and authoritarian when in opposition and then be democratic when in government.

Ncube intimated that Chamisa exhibited delusional behaviour by making unilateral decisions, claiming he was acting on the “voice of God” He said:

In the last parliament, Biti was one of our most effective members of parliament. You might call him an old guard but he was effective in holding the ruling party accountable.

He should go back so that he can continue and you give me the answer that God has said he should not go back.

If you were to write a book about some of these things it would pass as a book of fiction.

Chamisa left CCC in January 2024 saying ZANU PF had infiltrated the party through its proxies.

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