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Mike Chimombe, Moses Mpofu Leave ZACC Offices Without Interview

Zimbabwe Anti-corruption detectives questioned two business people who are connected to the inflation of contracts valued at over US$100 million that were given by the Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC).

Moses Mpofu and Mike Chimombe, who had won a contract to purchase more than 600,000 goats under the Presidential Goat Scheme, were also questioned on the purported embezzlement of ZWL1.6 billion.

Speaking outside the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission’s offices in Harare, their attorney Tapson Dzvetero stated: “We just presented our clients to ZACC, who indicated that they will call us when they need us.” My clients are ready to help with any inquiry. As of right now, we are exempt.

After a falling out with their partner Wicknell Chivayo, who is accused of embezzling millions of dollars from the bids, Chimombe and Mpofu are thought to have offered to become state witnesses in the probe into the ZEC contracts for election materials.

In collaboration with Better Brands’ gold dealer Scott Sakupwanya, Chivayo, Mpofu, and Chimombe came to an agreement with Ren Form CC, a South African business, to submit bids for ZEC tenders.

Subsequently, they inflated the prices of the commodities delivered to ZEC by adding millions of dollars to Ren Form invoices. Ren Form then paid them “commission” via South African bank accounts in accordance with the arrangement.

After Chivayo allegedly renegotiated the agreement with Ren Form and ceased giving them their portion of the “commission,” the partners fell out.

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