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ZACC’s X account hacked

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) X (Twitter) account has been hacked, the commission’s spokesperson, Thandiwe Mlobane, has said.

In a statement issued on June 21, Mlobane said that ZACC is making efforts to recover the account. She said:

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission wishes to inform the public and all key stakeholders of a security breach on the @ZACConline X account. The Commission is currently not in control of the account. The last official post was made on Thursday, 20 June 2024 at 18:25. Efforts to recover the account are underway. The public and all key stakeholders are urged to disregard any communications that may be posted on the @ZACConline X account, until further notice.

The Commission reaffirms its commitment to eradicate the scourge of corruption and ensure the national development aspirations are attained within set timelines.

In several posts on Sunday afternoon, the alleged hacker wrote:

We must temper our excitement; we’re contending with an unscrupulous regime. The recent @ZECzim
statement is a masterstroke of impunity, an opus of lies that boggle the mind. @advocatemahere has already laid bare the stark contrasts between their statements & the undeniable facts

Let me start by detailing the entire @wicknellchivayo scandal. Mukuru arikudya kwese, Sir and the @ZECzim Chair are romantically involved. How Scott ignited the deal and ended up a passenger after cutting Chigumba her $250k at DaVinci in Sandton.

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