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Grace Mugabe’s son fails to pay maintenance

Grace Mugabe’s son, Russel Goreraza, found himself in legal trouble recently when he appeared at Concession magistrates court due to failure to pay maintenance fees amounting to $7500. The 40-year-old was originally instructed by a Concession magistrate to pay $2500 in maintenance on January 31. However, Goreraza failed to meet this obligation for three consecutive months, leading to legal consequences.

As a result of his default, Goreraza was given a wholly suspended sentence, contingent upon his ability to settle the outstanding $7500 by July 12. Munyaradzi Nengomasha served as the prosecutor in the case, highlighting the seriousness with which the matter was handled in court.

The legal proceedings underscore the importance of fulfilling financial responsibilities, especially in matters concerning family support. Goreraza, who is part of a prominent political family in Zimbabwe, faced public scrutiny due to his non-compliance with the court order. The incident serves as a reminder of the legal and social repercussions that can arise from neglecting court-mandated financial obligations.

Efforts to reach Goreraza or his representatives for comment on the matter have not been successful. The case continues to attract attention both locally and internationally, reflecting broader concerns about accountability and adherence to legal obligations.

In other news – DJ Fresh to return to radio in 2025

DJ Fresh, whose real name is Thato Sikwane, is poised to make a comeback to the radio waves after a hiatus of four years. The popular presenter revealed his imminent return in a recent interview with Zimoja.

“I will be back in April; I can’t disclose the station yet. I’m a radio-head through and through,” he confirmed. In 2019, DJ Fresh faced controversy when he was dismissed for using the word “Msun**y” on air. Read More

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