Allegedly Mubobo man caught at Tuku bash

Several men who accompanied their lovers to the fully packed Arts Centre were seen glued behind their loved ones after several incidents of men caught rubbing their manhood on ladies’ buttocks.


“Shamwari mukadzi wangu uyu haasipfambi yekubhawa wazvinzwa, why do you always think women found at shows are prostitutes, get away chii chaurikuita pamukadzi wangu,” one of the victims was heard saying as the perpetrator received a beating from the crowd.There was real drama at Pakare Paye after a fight broke out over mischievous men who were rubbing their manhoods on ladies at Oliver Mtukudzi’s birthday bash in Norton on Saturday.

Jah Prayzah quickly changed his song and tuned to a peace song urging the crowd to remain peaceful as they enjoy the rhythms.

Partners had to remain clipped to each other as the crowd limited movements only to use hands in following proceedings.

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