Dino Mudondo: “I have changed I’m no longer a womaniser”

Dino The South Africa based chanter, who was once caged and performed community service, feels he has had enough after he found new love and decided to settle in Cape Town.Reflecting on his misery, which saw him at one point being forced to eat a live fish by one of his live-in-lovers Cecilia Dapeta, the Rasta Kwasa exponent says it was part of life though he learnt the hard way.


Love rat singer Dino Mudondo says he won’t regret his shenanigans with women, which nearly cost his life and career.

He feels he has matured as he approaches 40, which means a new chapter in his life and career.

“It’s true life really begins at the big 40,” says the chanter.“At 39 and turning 40 next year on the 7th of August, I’m so thankful to the Lord above for He keeps showering me with more and more love and blessings now and then.

“I feel like my days as a player are gone because I now have more respect to humanity including my female fans, friends and associates.

“I now look and admire them as bosses in my line of my trade.

“In fact, I’m no longer chasing after girls and having meaningless relationships and fun because I’ve finally found the love of my life in Miss Rue, my soul-mate and everything seems to have taken the right direction to beautiful life.

Dino says he no longer deserves the ‘unlucky in love tag’ as he believes he has settled.

“Since I relocated to South Africa and have found myself more based in Cape Town and partly based in Joburg, I had never thought love would follow.

“I had left my girl in Zimbabwe because we had thought this ndichakumirira thing of long distance relationship would not work.

“Since I was leaving home, she was supposed to go back to live with her mama in the United Kingdom but it’s true vakuru vakutaura, if it’s meant to be, it shall be and you can let it fly away if it’s yours it will come back to you,” says Dino.

Dino says his new love, Miss Rue, is a committed lover who made a great sacrifice in life to be with him.

“Miss Rue left Zimbabwe and followed me to Cape Town on her way to UK where we have agreed to both go settle.

“I will forever have mad love for my country and that’s why I’m always flying back and forth home to visit my mom, kids family and friends.”

Music wise, Dino says he has settled in Cape Town and he is very much focused on his career.

“We have found our posh apartment in the CBD courtesy of my Cape Town management team fronted by my boss King Kriss and have put together a very tight reggae band still trading as the Rastakwasa family.

“We have played host to so many Zimbabwean artistes coming here such as Soul Jah Love at the Maitland Hall which was promoted by General Promotions and Andy Muridzo for the Mambo Promotions.

“I was also a surprise guest artiste at the Jah Prayzah and Casper’s show and recently played alongside Peter Moyo in Joburg.”

Today, is indeed a special day for Dino as the chanter will be launching his 19th studio album.

“I will be launching my 19th studio album at Club VIP, Kempton Park this Friday the 29th of September and at Club Malibu in Middleburg, Mpumalanga this Saturday the 30th of September.

“I will be taking the album launch to Durban next Capetown, East London, Pretoria on my way to launch it back home.Titled Mapfupa Amuka, the 10-track reggae album was recorded in South Africa.

Despite his ‘’battered” image, Dino still has wise words for young celebrities who have just tasted fame.

“I often find time to advise my yutes in the same field kuti kuhondo masoja aitosangana nezvimbambaira and mumagitare zvitorikowo zvinoputika.

“In fact, you just have to watch carefully where you stepping. I once played with Andy Muridzo and warned them about ladies.

“I also spoke to Peter Moyo who I once had a fight with over a girl ndikatoseka ndichimuti haaaaaa ndakura handichaita zvema bae mpfanhami ndakazo ziva Jesu and I’m sticking to one partner.”

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