I’m Proud Of My Daughter Veteran Musician Tuku Says

He said he was proud of Selmor and plans to share the stage with her. “If I die today I know Selmor can do it. I am proud of her. I’m ready to share the stage with her as an artiste verus artiste and not father and daughter affair.


I’m proud of Selmor :TUKU | Oliver Mtukudzi has rubbished reports that he does not get on well with his daughters, especially Selmor.

She is now a complete artiste who was largely self taught and I don’t want to give her a burden because people will always compare her to me.  I want her to be herself and I know she can do it.


On Sam Mataure who was removed as manager, Tuku said :”The message we circulated is clear that Sam is no longer doing bookings. I have had a lot of versions but he still remains in the band.”

He was speaking to H Metro.

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