Roma’s worst transfers: Bojan Krkic

Roma, like any other big club, is active in the transfer market. However, the team’s signings are not always successful. By the way, if you are interested in the football matches today with the participation of this team, visit the site of sports statistics. Here the games are constantly covered.

Bojan Krkic is one of the worst signings in Roman history. The player joined the club in 2011. At the time, the Romans paid €12 million for his transfer.

By that time Bojan was considered a huge talent, but because of the high competition in the Barcelona attacking line he could not realize his full potential. By the way, you can watch all the football matches involving this club on the sports statistics website in real time already today.

However, Krkic’s career at Roma was unsuccessful. He was regularly in the starting line-up at first, but then, as it became clear that he was useless, the Catalan was joining the reserves. As a result, he lost confidence and almost did not help the team in the attack.

During the 2011/2012 season Bojan played 33 matches for Roma, in which he managed to score 7 times in the opponents’ goal. The Romans could have bought him back, but they would have had to pay additional 28 millions. Naturally, the club felt this price was exorbitant. As a result, they decided to part different ways with Bojan at the end of that campaign. He moved to AC Milan.

Why couldn’t the forward prove himself in Rome?

In Spain, Krkic was used to the fact that Barcelona constantly dominates their opponents, regularly has a lot of chances, and he has many chances to prove himself. By the way, you can follow the tomorrow matches of this club on the sports statistics website.

Bojan faced much more pressure from defenders in Italy. He was often kicked and not given much time to make decisions. All this broke the player psychologically, and he was no longer able to demonstrate his maximum capabilities. Among other factors of the striker’s unsuccessful performance in Serie A, it is worth highlighting:

  1. High competition for a place in the attack. The footballer was losing to more star performers like Totti.
  2. Injuries. Because of them, the player missed a few games, and then he could not get the optimal physical conditions for a long time.
  3. Poor chemistry with partners. All of Bojan’s usefulness was solely a result of his individual skills.

As shown by the further career of the player, the failure at Roma was the first in a series for the player.

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