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Kwekwe doctor stung by bees to death

Prominent Kwekwe medical practitioner Dr Conrad Zengeza died yesterday after being stung by bees at his home.

Sources close to Bulawayo24.com confirmed that he died upon admission at Topomas a private hospital in Kwekwe due to an anaphylactic shock after he was stung by bees in his garage at home.

This marks a huge loss to Kwekwe community.

More details to follow…

In other news – Mai TT and Olinda Chapel on each others back

Friendship between Mai TT and Olinda Chapel has finally blown over after the two exchanged vile words on social media.

Mai TT and Olinda Chapel

The two have been hurling insults at each other to an extent that Olinda Chapel decided to post his bank statement showing millions of dollars. Learn More

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