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Lady Amar shows off her makeup certificate

Lady Amar has been certified as a make-up artist following weeks of training. The DJ who owns a beauty brand showed off the certificate on social media and revealed that she was formerly not keen on makeup.

“When I started my beauty brand business I never knew it’ll get me here. I’m just a basic girl from Orange Farm who never knew how to apply makeup,” she wrote.

Amar further revealed that she took up the training to grow her beauty brand.

“Never in a million years did I ever envision myself in this position. I went the extra mile just to learn makeup, never in a million years did I ever think this would be a passion for me. (Running a makeup business). I love Amar Lips & Cosmetics with everything in me, I’d do anything and everything to see it prosper, I did this for her.”

Lady Amar

“I went to a make up school not to become a make up artist obviously, but to help Amar Lips & Cosmetics grow, to boost the sales of Amar lips, I mean it only makes sense that I learn how to apply make up since well I have an entire make up brand.”

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