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Popular socialite arrested for ordering $364 500 food, vanishes without paying

A social media personality has been found guilty of enjoying food worth over $364 500 at a local restaurant without paying. Kudakwashe Hove, who is known on social media as @iamhove, pleaded guilty to defrauding a Restaurant in Ballantyne Park, Harare.

He also pleaded guilty to a theft charge for stealing the restaurant’s manager’s cell phone, which had been left on the counter while he was attending to other customers. The State heard that on January 10, at around 7 pm, Hove went to the restaurant where he ordered a takeaway.

He then approached the cashier and indicated that he had paid for the takeaway using a Zipit transaction he then went on to send a fake confirmation message to the receiving mobile number and presented it to the cashier as “proof of payment”.
Believing the confirmation message, the cashier processed the order, but the cashier later noticed the con after Hove had already left the restaurant.

On January 12, Hove returned to the same restaurant around 5pm and ordered food worth $268 200. He used the same modus operandi and went way after producing another fake proof of payment. He was busted when he tried his luck for the third time and handed over to the police.

Source – H-Metro

In other news – Former rugby player Lloyd Taurai Mudzvova EXP0SED

Lloyd Taurai Mudzvova, a former rugby player has been exposed for beating up his girlfriend and throwing her out of a moving car. Mudzvova beat up his girlfriend identified as Trish Chinhau after she confronted him for cheating. This did not go down well with him which resulted in him then beating her up and throwing her out of a moving vehicle.

She only received help from a good samaritan who was passing by who then took her to the hospital then to her flat. A report was made at Malbereign police station [ rrb # 5401117 ] but no arrests have been made yet.Learn More

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