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Queen Tatelicious shows off new lover

Queen Tatelicious continues to headline social media with various stories. In December she made a scene after being denied entry into the Republic of South Africa and this time around she has shocked many by sharing that she is dating a lady

Tatelicious shared a picture of herself and her new lover and wrote:


Tell my mother I found her a daughter in law. Mroora waAshumba. It’s love at first sight

Chimoko chehomwe. I love you, babe

She has been dating men following her surgery and now she has decided to mix up to spice the relationships

Many of her followers seem to be supporting this move and urged her to go serious in love and do Zimbabwe proud

On the other hand others find it very disgusting and rebuked Tatelicious urging her to have order.

In other news – “Drug aware campaigns a waste of time” – Baba Harare

Jiti musician, Baba Harare, whose real name is Braveman Chizvino, says awareness campaigns to highlight the dangers of drug abuse being carried out by authorities are a waste of time.

Posting on Twitter, Baba Harare said Zimbabwean youths are now devoid of hope and what is needed as a matter of urgency is to prove to young people that things can be better. He said:Learn More

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