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Tatelicious shares her dream about Prophet Makandiwa getting a second wife

Queen Tatelicious has taken to her social media to share a dream she had about prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. The controversial queen made it known that her dreams always come true.

In her post Tatelicious wrote: “Nhaimi kurota ndiri at this unfamiliar place and Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa comes with this woman.
They start eating and i asked kuna Prophet kuti where is Mai Makandiwa and his wife Ruth and he responded that she is at home.
This woman anga aina prophet Makandiwa then starts pressuring prophet Makandiwa that she wants to be his second wife and Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa vaita sevapererwa.
I then started to tell the woman kuti wadii kungodanana naProphet privately not Kuda kuziikanwa because it will destroy his church.
Panga takagara patanga kunaya mazimvura then ndabva ndapepuka.
Ndamboda kunyarara but MOYO neMWEYA wangu waramba.

Tatelicious went on to the comment section and in her own words she revealed that her dreams are always direct.

“Zvinoita MWARI so , zvakavanzika zvacho anozvipa kune munhu akashoreka and people will be taking it for granted 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I know my walk with the holy spirit, HANDINGOROTE NJEEEE !!!!!
MY DREAMS ARE ALWAYS DIRECT even muroyi never comes wearing someone’s face pandiri , I see muroyi iyeye direct .
Chipo chandakapihwa naMwari and no one can take that away from me.
AMAI RUTH MAKANDIWA must pray about this matter.
Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa must let this woman go and in my dream Mukadzi uyu seemed very very very rich.
So prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Vanenge varikuda bag recash remkadzi uyu and this woman wants to be second wife.
If PROPHET EMMANUEL MAKANDIWA gives in to this woman’s demands it will destroy his church and everything he worked for ALL THESE YEARS
#HOMWE_iHOMWE 👏👏👏👏👏👏

In other news – Queen Tatelicious shows off new lover

Queen Tatelicious continues to headline social media with various stories. In December she made a scene after being denied entry into the Republic of South Africa and this time around she has shocked many by sharing that she is dating a lady.

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