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Shock as mysterious blood flows in a drainage in Mabvuku

Mabvuku residents are in shock following the mysterious flow of blood in a drainage canal recently. The blood is seen springing from the ground and no plausible reason has been given for this phenomenon.

Residents in the area suggested different reasons to such an unnatural act.

One resident who chose anonymity to comment said, “This is the work of the gods protesting to the amount of bloodshed in this area due to the robberies and murders in this area”.

While other blamed it on prostitution, there is still no amicable explanation to the bizarre development in the area.

Source: Bulawayo24

In other news – Woman claims hubby took her car and gave it to Lorraine Guyo as Valentine’s Day gift

An unidentified woman has claimed that the car which was given by one “Mr K” as a Valentine’s Day gift to Lorraine Guyo, a Zimbabwean socialite, belongs to her.

An unidentified lady phoned a local paper claiming that the car donated to Lorraine, of the “Ndinyengeiwo” fame, is hers. She is quoted as saying:Learn More

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