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Form four student sues school for $300

A Form Four learner at Mweyamutsvene High School has successfully sued the school over the US$300 owed to him after he offered his services to cut down grass at the learning institution.

The learner, Emmanuel Vhurudza, sued Mweyamutsvene High School head, Grace Chibwe, at the Mutare Civil Court, demanding US$300 that the school was refusing to pay him.

The learner brought his father, Edward Vhurudza, to court as a witness. Said the father:

My son entered into an agreement with [former school head] Mr. Rubende to cut grass at the school, which he did.

The school said it would pay him US$300, but Mr. Rubende was transferred from the school before making the payment.

We told the new head about the issue and she promised to pay my son the money. However, she later told us that my son owed the school US$360.

The arrears were from school fees, lost textbooks as well as money for holiday lessons.

I checked with my son and he told me that he never lost any books. As for the holiday lessons, he said he paid them with two loads of firewood.

In response, Chibwe argued an agreement was reached between Rubende and the learner and she was not involved as she was not yet at the school.

She added that she had gathered that the former head and the learner had agreed that the money earned from the grass cutting would be used to settle his brother’s school fees arrears. She said:

The one who owes the school is Obey Vhurudza, who wrote his Ordinary Level examinations in 2019.

I gathered that they agreed with Mr. Rubende that the money would be used to settle Obey’s school fees arrears of US$263.

However, Mutare magistrate, Xavier Chipato said the school is supposed to get its money from Mr. Vhurudza, not his son.

He said Mr. Vhurudza is obliged to pay his other son’s fees. The magistrate ordered the school to pay Emmanuel his US$300.

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