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Zimbabwe tollgate fees go up

The Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) has increased toll gate fees in local currency, effective today 20 March.

Zinara on Friday issued a statement notifying motorists of the imminent toll fees hike.

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“We would like to advise our valued customers that with the effect from 20 March 2023, the following ZWL toll fees will apply in terms of Section 4 of Statutory Instrument 32 of 2021,” reads the statement.

Light vehicles are now expected to pay SI 900 from SI 600, minibuses $2 850 from $2 400, buses, $3 800 from $3 200, heavy vehicle new fee is 54 750 from 54 400 while haulage trucks will pay $9 500 from 58 000.

Zinara said the residential discount per term now costs $38 000 from $32 200.

Toll fees remain unchanged in foreign currency as light vehicles pay US$2, minibuses US$3, buses US$4, heavy vehicles US$5, haulage trucks US$10.

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