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Mai Denzel speaks out

Mai Denzel will be live on air with Olla today, the shenanigans of one Harare lady identified as Tariro or Mai Denzel has set Zimbabwe’s social media alight. She is setting the record straight and talking about her Marriage and what lead her to cheat and she is revealing everything and not hiding all the drama.

Apparently, her antics read like those of Sylvia Maria Kristel, the woman behind the eponymous character Emmanuelle of the French movie series by the same name which ran from the 1970s through the 1990s, pushing boundaries of what could be watched on mainstream television, even if it were at night when innocent eyes are supposed to be asleep.

Mai Denzel

In what is believed to be an act of revenge, Mai Denzel cheated on her husband with, an army man, Daniel Parangeta of Chimhanda Village in Rushinga, Mt Darwin, and another unidentified man.


Source: hatirare263

In other news – Everything you need to know Wendy Mbatha

Wendy Mbatha is a popular entertainer, model, and entrepreneur from South Africa. She is best recognized for a role as a Nigerian whore in the movie “District 9,” which was released in 2009.

Wendy Mbatha

She has not done a lot when it comes to her career as an entertainer. She is also known to have done a lot of models and is equally business-driven. Wendy is known to be passionate about her work. Learn more

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