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Wiseman Mncube speaks on how playing roles of gangsters and violent men affected him in real life

South African actor Wiseman Mncube opens up about how the roles of gangsters and violent men have affected him in real life.

“Sometime people can’t differentiate between acting and real life,” he says. “

I am not the roles I play. If I had it my way I’d walk around with a balaclava on my face to not be recognized.”

Wiseman says that he was once hit with a purse by a lady for something one of my characters did on screen. “But I sometimes understand that it’s all love.”‍

Wiseman Mncube

The Durban actor says some of the roles he has played have affected him in raising his children.

“My daughter was once bullied at school because I am well-known,” he says.

“This went on for some time until I had to intervene, get teachers involved, and actually meet with the bullies,” he adds. “I had to take pictures with them and make them understand that bullying is not a good thing. Sometimes children don’t know what they are doing is bullying and need to be made aware.”

He recently joined the Siyasizana campaign against bullying, where he shares his experiences at schools across the country. Wiseman says he understands this topic because at school he also once hung out with bullies, but only to defend himself.

Wiseman Mncube

“I hung out with older boys. I didn’t know it was wrong. I joined the bullies to defend myself.”
As an adult, he has also endured some level of bullying on social media.

“I experience it a lot, unfortunately, we are bullied every day as actors on social media and you learn to have a thick skin. The roles I play touch people, they think it’s personal.

This is why I don’t share too much about my personal life. I share just enough to not be too distant from the people who support me. Fame is a tricky thing to manage, and it comes with a lot of pressure.”

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