Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Senegal collaborate on film

Local film producer Tariro Washe has collaborated with Rwandan and Senegalese creatives on a New Afrofuturism series of films titled Africanda, set for release this year.

Shot in Zimbabwe, Senegal and Rwanda, the film, Africanda, was produced by Tariro Washe and directed by Steven Chikosi.

It is a multi-national collaborative series of seven films, which seeks to promote Pan-African values, create a united Africa and showcase the continent’s prowess in filmmaking.

Producer, Tariro Washe told the ZBC News, “The film is the first of its kind. It features Zimbabwean actors as well as those from Rwanda and Senegal. The film seeks to reclaim and restore Africa’s identity in an effort to create a united, prosperous, dignified and proud Africa. Working with people from different African countries has been interesting seeing how people express themselves and it has made me realise that our cultural values are intertwined with our creativity. As Africans we have a lot in common, we have similar cultural values.”

Senegalese and Rwandan thespians who are part of the project, reckon the film is the first of its kind and has a unique and interesting storyline.

Rwandese actress Malaika Uwamahoro said, “It’s amazing working with Zimbabwean creatives on this beautiful film. I love Zimbabwe so much and I’m so excited we have come together as Africans to make this brilliant film.”

“It’s my first movie, but I have featured on a series in Senegal playing a lead role. It’s not easy being an actor. We have to tell stories in a believable way and this production has taught me a lot. It has taught me to be professional, patient and passionate. I’m grateful to be a part of this amazing film,” said Senegalese actress Khadidiatou Bah.

The film brings together East, West and Southern Africa, featuring Rwandan creatives, including David Murenzi, Kennedy Mazimpaka, Malaika Uwamahoro, alongside Senegalese actors such as Khadidiatou Bah, Amelia Mbaye and Zimbabwean creatives.

Africanda is set for release this year.

Source: ZBC

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