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3 doctors in trouble as woman dies after being [email protected] in hospital

A court in Guinea has found three doctors guilty in connection with the death of a young woman who was rɑped in hospital.

The government said in 2021 that M’Mah Sylla had died in Tunisia where she had been evacuated for treatment after being rɑped.

The case caused a great deal of outrage in Guinea.

A court in the capital Conakry has now sentenced Daniel and Patrice Lamah to 15 years in prison and a third doctor, Celestin Millimouna – who is on the run – was given a 20-year sentence.

They were all found guilty of assault and battery as well as carrying out an abortion. Patrice Lamah and Millimouna were also found guilty of rɑpǝ.

Source— NewsDay

In other news – Shadaya Knight fingered in Forgery Case

Shadaya Knight aka Fella in Versace might need all his wits to respond to this chaos that is headed his way. He might be the master with a keyboard and dissing people but I think this will be trying times for Knight Tawona Shadaya or is it Night?

According to our sources at Chitungwiza Magistrate Court, a man has been arrested for forgery of driver’s licenses. The man is said to have forged 23 driver’s licenses but he claims he only did 4.Learn More

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