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Shadaya Knight fingered in Forgery Case

Shadaya Knight aka Fella in Versace might need all his wits to respond to this chaos that is headed his way. He might be the master with a keyboard and dissing people but I think this will be trying times for Knight Tawona Shadaya or is it Night?

According to our sources at Chitungwiza Magistrate Court, a man has been arrested for forgery of driver’s licenses. The man is said to have forged 23 driver’s licenses but he claims he only did 4.

Among the 23 papers obtained by the courts, one of the documents belongs to the socialite Night Tawona Shadaya or is it Knight? It might simply be a case of identity theft and our favourite socialite is not involved at all. But then again the young socialite might end up having to answer as to why his name or rather why his papers are among the forger’s works.

Shadaya Knight Provisional

Shadaya Knight who is not shy to express how he feels was recently in the news first for attacking Rihanna and then Serena Williams’ husband. Alexis Ohanian has responded to Shadaya Tawona Knight for mocking his physique. Shadaya took to Twitter where he posted a picture of Serena and her husband and wrote “ You can already tell who is the man in this relationship…..men work on your physique…your woman should never be more physically imposing than you”

Looking good

Alexis did not take Shadaya Knight’s tweet lightly and responded by posting Shadaya’s profile pic and wrote “I wish you all the best, but this incel talk ain’t it”.

The biggest question is was Shadaya Knight involved in the forgery or he doesn’t know anything about it. We will provide more details as they become available but we fear trouble may be brewing for the Fella in Versace.

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Source – Mbare Times

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Mike Chimombe

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