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Baba Harare’s ice cream video causes a stir

Jiti musician Baba Harare has spoken out about what took place in the making of his “ice-cream” video that went viral and attracted a backlash from people across the political and social divide.

The musician posted on his social media pages a video of him taking out ice-cream from a fridge, eating it then putting it back in the refrigerator of what is believed to be a supermarket in the United Kingdom where he had gone with fellow artistes for the Sama Festival.

Commenting on the skit on Instagram, one of Baba Harare’s followers said the skit was in bad taste.

“Though funny, the skit is in bad taste. How does someone allow recording yeizvozvo zvadyiwa zvichidzorerwa mu fridge, zvinosemesa,” commented the follower.

Speaking to Standard Style, the Jiti musician said he first bought the ice-cream before making the skit. “I cannot eat and leave, I bought the ice-cream first before making the skit,” said Baba Harare. The skit does not need an explanation I think it’s just obvious.”


The former Third Generation lead guitarist, born Bravemen Chizvino, is not new to controversy after he torched a storm when steamy pictures from his album Guzuzu leaked.

Baba Harare

People believed the musician had “overstepped” in the video that featured actress Dalma ChiwerevaBaba Harare has crossed swords with social media personality Shadaya Knight and controversial pastor Passion Java, among others.

He has also been subject to scathing attacks from political activists for sharing his political views and encouraging people to vote in the general elections.

Meanwhile, Baba Harare has sensationally withdrawn his nomination from the Star FM awards.

He had been nominated in the Best Album of the Year category alongside Freeman, Voltz JT, Minister Mahendere, and Feli Nandi. Posting on his Facebook page, the Jiti crooner said the state-run radio station should have nominated more derseving artistes than him.

Baba Harare

“Thank you very much Star FM and the listeners for the nomination. I feel honoured.

“However due to my own personal reasons, I don’t feel worthy of the nomination,” he said.

“There are other great acts/ artistes, who should have graced the centre stage but sadly aren’t in any category. So I wish my nomination to be withdrawn. Thank you once again for the opportunity,” he said.

Baba Harare’s nomination withdrawal comes after many music followers probed the radio station for “snubbing” Winky D from the nominees list. The fifth edition of the Star FM Listener’s Choice Music Awards are set to take place on May 3 under the theme “It’s All About the Artist”.

According to the head of programming at Star FM, Steve Vickers, the event is a radio and online extravaganza, with no physical attendance. The live show will be experienced only on the digital platforms.

The nominees were announced on April 5, and they all fall under Jan 1 2022 to December 31 2022 radio play period.

Source — The Standard

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