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Croco motors unveils new Ford Ranger

Croco Motors unveiled the new generation Ford Ranger and Everest at a colourful event at Sam Levy Village Borrowdale in Harare on Saturday.

The new Ford Ranger is designed to look more like Ford’s other trucks with a wider body, a bigger front grille, and distinctive daytime running lights that form a “C” shape. It also features powerful headlights that use either halogen or Matrix LED technology.

The new Ford Ranger has a muscular design, with a stamped tailgate and the option for LED taillights, to enhance its tough look. It underwent intense global testing in extreme temperatures to make sure it is strong and durable.

The sales manager of Croco Motors, Frank Amigu, said in an interview that the new Ranger unveiled Saturday is larger, tougher, smarter, and more refined. NewsDay cites him as saying:

The next-generation Ford Ranger has undergone global testing to ensure it’s robust, rugged and capable. Its high-strength steel frame and steel body ensure the Ranger’s Built Ford Tough reputation for quality, durability and strength. We have always prided ourselves on aftersales service. This is one durable vehicle that is superior to all other vehicles on offer. We will complement it with our excellent aftersales service to ensure convenience for our customers.

The Ford Ranger is known worldwide for being a tough and reliable pickup truck that is great for both work and play. The new model takes things to the next level with improved towing and off-road capabilities, as well as a choice of efficient and durable engines. According to Amigu, customers can choose a powertrain that meets their needs, whether it’s for fuel economy, towing, or hauling. The new Ford Ranger and Everest models are a great combination of efficiency and comfort, providing the best in terms of performance and quality.

Amigu stated that Croco Motors is well-known for its excellent aftersales service and will continue to provide convenience to customers. He added that the company has a wide network of branches and is committed to offering great support to customers.

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