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Ginimbilite bags ambassador deal with LTS

Zimbabwean socialite popularly known as Ginimbi Lite has struck a deal with Lightning Towing Services, a prominent towing company in the country. This partnership has created a buzz among social media users and business enthusiasts alike, as it marks a significant milestone in the career of the young socialite.

Ginimbi Lite is no stranger to the limelight. He has been making headlines for his lavish lifestyle and claims that he has extravagant partying experiences, and has gained a huge following on social media as a result. He is known for his love of expensive cars and luxury fashion and is often seen rubbing shoulders with other celebrities and socialites.

Ginimbi Lite

However, this new deal with Lightning Towing Services has shown that Ginimbi Lite is not just all about fun and games. The partnership will see him become a brand ambassador for the company, promoting their services to his followers and fans on social media. In return, Ginimbi Lite will receive a commission for every successful referral he makes to the company.

This move has been seen as a smart business move by Ginimbi Lite, who is looking to diversify his income streams and build a sustainable career for himself. It also highlights the growing trend of social media influencers and celebrities partnering with businesses to promote their products and services.


Lightning Towing Services representative Sasha Chikwanda said `, this deal represents an opportunity to tap into a new market of young, trendy customers who are looking for reliable and efficient towing services. By partnering with Ginimbi Lite, we are able to leverage his large following and social media influence to reach a wider audience and increase their brand awareness.

Overall, this partnership between Ginimbi Lite and Lightning Towing Services is a win-win situation for both parties. It shows that social media influencers and celebrities can use their platforms to not only promote themselves, but also to promote businesses and services that align with their values and interests. It also demonstrates the importance of building relationships and partnerships in the business world, and the potential benefits that can come from working together towards a common goal.

Source: H263

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Zimbabwean artist, Paradzai Mesi, has recently found himself in the midst of controversy after being accused of theft. However, there are those who believe that Mesi did not steal anything, but was instead the victim of a setup while under the influence of alcohol.

Mesi, who is a well-known artist in Zimbabwe, has always had a reputation for being a bit of a party animal. On the night in question, Mesi had been out drinking with some friends when he could barely walk. He met 3 friends who were poised to help him to get home. They lied to him that he had gotten home but they left him sleeping on the floor in the shop of a local businessman.Learn More

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