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Shop owner finally speaks – “Paradzai Mesi did not steal anything”

Zimbabwean artist, Paradzai Mesi, has recently found himself in the midst of controversy after being accused of theft. However, there are those who believe that Mesi did not steal anything, but was instead the victim of a setup while under the influence of alcohol.

Mesi, who is a well-known artist in Zimbabwe, has always had a reputation for being a bit of a party animal. On the night in question, Mesi had been out drinking with some friends when he could barely walk. He met 3 friends who were poised to help him to get home. They lied to him that he had gotten home but they left him sleeping on the floor in the shop of a local businessman.

It was at this point that the store owner arrived on the scene and accused Mesi of attempting to steal. The store owner called the police and Mesi was taken into custody. However, those who know Mesi well believe that he did not intend to steal anything, but was simply caught up in the moment that a crime has already been committed.

According to one of Mesi’s close friends, “Paradzai is a good guy. He’s always been a bit of a wild card when he drinks, but he would never intentionally steal anything. I think he was just caught up in the moment and didn’t realize what he was doing.”

Some believe that Mesi was set up by someone who had it out for him. Mesi is known for being a successful artist and has made many enemies over the years. It’s possible that someone saw him in his drunken state and took advantage of the situation to frame him for theft.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that Paradzai Mesi did not intend to steal anything. He may have made a mistake while under the influence of alcohol, but that doesn’t make him a criminal. Those who know Mesi well believe that he will learn from this experience and be more careful in the future.

It’s important to remember that just because someone is accused of a crime, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are guilty. In the case of Paradzai Mesi, it seems that he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. The truth has come out and Mesi will be able to move on from this incident without any lasting damage to his reputation.

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