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Harare man refuse to pay maintenance for his 18-year-old daughter

A Harare man has refused to pay maintenance for his 18-year-old daughter saying she was now an adult.

This emerged when Cramming Makwarimba appeared before Harare magistrate Sharon Mashavira on Thursday.

“She (Stacey) is now an adult and can fend for herself,” Makwarimba submitted.

“If she wants something from me, she can always come to me and ask but not through a maintenance order because she is no longer a minor.”

The court heard that Makwarimba was paying US$70 towards the upkeep of his daughter and another child he has with his ex-wife, Martin Mutsiwawo.

Mutsiwawo told the court that Makwarimba was an absent father, and never took care of the children.

Mashavira ruled in favour of Makwarimba saying his 18-year-old daughter was no longer a minor.

Makwarimba was ordered to pay US$35 for the maintenance of his other child.

Source: bulawayo24

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