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Seh Calaz attacks Freeman – “Hauna kubvira waita threat kwandiri”

In a recent Facebook post, Bhanditi leader Seh Calaz appeared to take aim at fellow artist Freeman, stating that he has never been a threat to him and never will be.

In the post, Seh Calaz wrote : “hauna kubvira waita threat kwandiri and you will never be” and mentioned that besides the pepper spray issue, the artist was no longer visiting the ghetto and had not added the DZ artists to the performance list: “, besides zve pepper spray,hauchapinde ghetto, ma artist e ghetto rako wakamajamba, and kungotadza kutaura nevanhu” he wrote.

He refuted claims that he had sent anyone to cause chaos at the show : “ndaironga kuti vanhu vakuteme for what, i will never be you inini ndini inini Mabhanditi hatisati tambotema munhu tisu tototemwa .Stop spreading hate ne badness”.

Freeman had made a post over the weekend when violence broke out at his show in Dzivarasekwa after security had sprayed the crown with pepper spray.

Source: ZimCelebs

In other news – Shadaya Knight fingered in Forgery Case

Shadaya Knight aka Fella in Versace might need all his wits to respond to this chaos that is headed his way. He might be the master with a keyboard and dissing people but I think this will be trying times for Knight Tawona Shadaya or is it Night?

According to our sources at Chitungwiza Magistrate Court, a man has been arrested for forgery of driver’s licenses. The man is said to have forged 23 driver’s licenses but he claims he only did 4.Learn More

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