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Seh Calaz speaks on Zim music – “Zimdancehall is not dead but Abandoned”

In a recent Facebook post, Yala Nation boss Seh Calaz spoke out about the state of Zimbabwean dancehall, stating that while it is not dead, it has been abandoned by some of its most prominent artists. According to Calaz, the dancehall culture in Zimbabwe has been strained by music albums, causing many musicians to abandon the genre in favor of more popular ones.

Calaz went on to say that many Zimbabwean artists only sing dancehall music to gain relevance and once they become famous, they switch to other genres: “Maonero angu ndoona kunge vanhu vanoimba zimdancehall kuti vasimbe and vakangoita mbiri nemazita vakutoti hatichaita izvozvo takurova dzimwe ,cynt mention names tovaziva, The pioneers vazhinji vakachinja vakaenda ku Jiti, Afro, Amapiano, hiphop , jazz,sungura, Rhumba vachitevera ma trends” he wrote.

The Yala Nation boss further commented that most pioneers of Zimdancehall have now moved to other genres like Jiti, Afro, Amapiano, and Hip Hop, following popular trends. However, Calaz believes that there is still hope for the genre as long as artists stay true to their roots and keep the music alive and urged Zim dancehall producers to keep it real and not be changed by trends :

“Sunshine, Ptk, Jmp Madproducer, Marlon t , Tman, Cashlibs, Cymplex,Oskid ,Dj Fydale and Chilspot to mention a few Chichemo changu ,please keep it real musanete musachinjiswe nema trends ,ndimi moyo we Zimdancehall isu ma artist kuzongoitawo mucheka dzafa” he wrote.

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In other news – Vee Mhofu calls for justice from ZIMURA

Self-styled and flamboyant mbira musician Virimai Nedenga “Vee Mhofu” has called for justice and fairness engagement of artistes and Zimbabwe Music Rights Association ( ZIMURA).

Speaking at the press conference yesterday in Harare he said, “The call of justice in how funds are being managed is like a war henceforth we need to remain united, and take steps forward in call for justice in how the body is operating with artistes”. Learn More

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