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Your father’s a thief – Uebert Angel’s son dragged into Gold Mafia saga

Al Jazeera’s Gold Mafia documentary has made waves online. The documentary exposes the elaborate money laundering and gold smuggling schemes between British-Zimbabwean prophet Uebert Angel and a number of other high-profile people.

With all the attention around the so-called ‘Gold mafia’, prophet Angel — who appears to be a main component in the mind-blowing scheme — has faced a lot of online backlash.

And now his son Uebert Angel Juniour is also being called out by social media users who have been hooked on the documentary since it aired a few weeks ago.

Zimbabwean-born Britain-based prophet and businessman Uebert Angel has been trending ever since he was featured in an Al Jazeera expose.

In the documentary titled Gold Mafia, the controversial prophet tells two undercover journalists pretending to need money cleaned that he can arrange for the money to be exchanged for Zimbabwean gold bars.
And now Angel’s son Uebert Junior is catching strays on social media for his father’s doings. Taking to the app, popular Twitter user @Iam_blujay commented on Uebert Junior’s post.

His comment read, “Your father is a thief.”

The posts have been trending on social media as users slammed Uebert Angel and his son. Many of them joined the Tweep in bashing the pair.

“I can’t believe I once believed his father when he preached about miracle money and I went to an ATM commanding it to give me money nxla,” wrote one person while another added:

“Its a family of thieves and fraudsters.”

Source: NewZimbabwe

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