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ZANU PF primary elections reruns on 15 April

ZANU PF will conduct primary election reruns on 15 April in Mbare, Churu, Gokwe-Nembudziya and Zvimba West constituencies, while in Insiza South, a rerun will be conducted on 22 April.

Voting will run from 7 AM-3 PM and thereafter, vote counting will start and will be finished by 6 PM.

Speaking at a press briefing on Thursday night, ZANU PF National Political Commissar Mike Bimha said the results will be relayed to the Constituency Command Centre which in turn will advise the National Command Centre.

He said formal preliminary results will be announced on Monday next week. The Herald quoted Bimha as saying:

The ad-hoc special committee has been meeting for several days to make sure that each and every complaint is received and considered and recommendations made to the Politburo.

Now that the reruns will be conducted, the tribunal will no longer meet to consider complaints from the primaries.

If the tribunal is going to sit, they will probably be sitting to consider complaints from the re-runs, but I don’t expect any.

In order to make sure that we have a smooth rerun, we have deployed Politburo members to the five constituencies. They will be at the Constituency Command Centre.

We have deployed two members of the Politburo to each constituency and these constituencies have varying numbers of polling stations and each polling centre will have a Central Committee member to supervise the elections at that polling station.

He warned that if any candidate is accused of violence, he or she will be disqualified.

Mbare constituency will have 10 polling stations, while Churu will have 25, Zvimba West 24, Insiza South 35, and Gokwe-Nembudziya 28.

Paul Mangwana and Kenneth Musanhi will supervise the rerun in Churu, in Mbare the supervisors will be Engelbert Rugeje and Mackenzie Ncube, Simbarashe Mumbengegwi and Elifas Mashaba will be supervisors in Zvimba West, while Douglas Mombeshora and Michael Nyambuya will monitor the rerun in Gokwe-Nembudziya.

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