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CCC Dominated Harare City Council Woos War Veterans With Residential Stands

Harare (New Ziana) -The Harare City Council plans to allocate residential stands to war veterans serving in its various departments in a move observers say is aimed at enticing them to vote for the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) in the forthcoming general elections.

The CCC dominated city council is also aiming to woo ordinary war veterans by providing them with complimentary services including complimentary parking in the Central Business and free medical care at its clinics.

This emerged during a recent full council meeting held at Town House, in which mayor Jacob Mafume admitted that the issue had been under discussion for too long and needed closure.

“I received a communication talking about what we are doing for war veterans that are working in council and war veterans in general. As a council we are concerned about the welfare of the war veterans,” he said.

He said he would be meeting the leaders of the war veterans still working in council to discuss the benefits that had been extended to them with a view to increasing and accelerating the assistance that it could offer them.

“For those still working in council we have increased their grades, we have pushed them a grade upwards and we had indicated that they will get residential stands,” he said.

“We are going to make sure that residential stands will be allocated to those that do not have.”

Those with council stands would be provided with retirement and general business advice while those that owned cars would get free parking in the CBD.

Ward 43 councillor Blessing Duma weighed in saying all war veterans should get free medical care at all council hospitals and clinics.

He said council should also pay school fees for children of serving war veterans of school going age.

The city fathers mooted the idea to provide residential stands to the 132 serving war veterans last year and observers say they now want to hasten it as the general elections are fast approaching.

Source: New Ziana

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