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Man r@pes his sister

A Harare man yesterday appeared in court for allegedly raping his own sister at her matrimonial home.

The accused aged 35 appeared before Harare regional Magistrate Mr Stanford Mambanje charged with rape.

He was remanded in custody to June 5.

The State alleged that on May 25 at around 8pm the complainant’s husband left the complainant at their matrimonial house as he went to Stodart Complex to have some beers with his friends.

The complainant aged 33 then retired to bed with her two children aged five and six respectively.

She did not lock the door since her husband had gone out.

However, the court heard that at around 1.0pm whilst she was fast asleep, the complainant was awakened by the accused person who was on top of her whilst heavily pressing his elbow on the complainant’s eyes.

The accused person went on to rape her once.

The complainant asked the accused why he was doing this to his blood sister but he did not reply instead he pulled up his trousers and went out of the house.

The complainant told her husband what had transpired and he advised her to file a police report.

Source: Bulawayo24

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The Finance Minister is now behaving more like a politician than a technocrat.

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