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Patients welcome reopening of PSMI medical facilities

Premier Services Medical Investments (PSMI) has reopened its hospitals and clinics countrywide following government intervention.

For almost six months, most Premier Services Medical Investments (PSMI) clinics and hospitals had closed doors when its workers downed tools, citing incapacitation.Thanks to the government’s intervention, the clinics and hospitals reopened this Monday, much to the delight of card holders.

“I am really happy that we can now access services at WestEnd. We are grateful to government for intervening now we have our hospital back,” noted a card holder.

Another delighted card holder said, “It was really painful for us as we moved from one doctor to the another because most service providers were rejecting PSMAS, but now with the PSMI clinics and hospitals opening, we are guaranteed of getting services like today as you can see I got my treatment and I am happy.”

PSMI National Workers Committee Chairperson, Mr Munyaradzi Nharaunda confirmed that all workers, who were on strike, have reported for duty.“As you can see with what’s happened here at PSMAS, we have returned to work and have also received reports from our members across the country that they have reported for duty. So, it’s all systems go and by the end of this week we expect things to be as they were before the incapacitation, if not better,” he said.

Last year, government also came to the rescue of the medical aid provider and injected ZW$4 billion to facilitate for the smooth flow of operations.

Source: zbcnews

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