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Proposal goes so painfully wrong at Beyoncé concert in London

As the Single Ladies hitmaker crooned in the background, the man – wearing jeans and a T-shirt for the occasion – got down on one knee.

His gobsmacked partner wore jean-shorts and a strapless top for the, er, special moment, and she looked truly overwhelmed at the surprise gesture.

But she probably didn’t expect to be carrying a huge stack of paper cups for the moment.While the girlfriend may have thought that didn’t matter because the paper cups were in her right hand – which is the wrong hand for this particular task – it did, as he targeted the cup hand to be the ring-bearer.

‘B**** drop the cups,’ said one person recording a video, urging them to make the moment as smooth as possible, but the pair had other ideas.

It all got much worse when, still on one knee after a painfully long time grappling with the cups, and the wrong ring finger, the hopeless (literally) romantic dropped the ring.

After a terrifying moment or so of the boyfriend poised motionless looking at the ground in terror, the bride-to-be (we think she said yes?) then pointed with a few other ecstatic fans as she spotted the ring on the floor.

A kind onlooker then put everyone out of their misery and grabbed the cups from the frazzled woman’s hands.Or not, as the boyfriend then, composed for a second time, went for the wrong hand again.

A helpful bystander pointed to the left hand, causing the man to realise his mistake.

All was almost perfect again… Until the wannabe groom tried to wriggle the ring on and the bride was forced to finish the job, of course.

But it all ended in happiness – we think – as the woman held her head in her hands and he hugged her tight, beaming at the happy occasion and pumping his fist in the air.

At least they’ve got an entertaining engagement story to tell.

Although totally chaotic, everyone was crazy in love with the cute couple who – despite some bumps in the road – looked totally made up by the special night.

One commented: ‘Girl I hate to telll u but that man is sweet.’ [sic]

‘I’m emotional,’ commented another, while many crying and laughing emoji were also shared.

Less romantic die-hard Bey fans were more concerned that the pair, and others around them, were missing the concert.

‘Whilst BEYONCÈ is on stage???? This is insanity,’ said one.This comes as Beyoncé is due to perform three more London shows – tonight, June 3, and June 4 – before heading off to Europe for the rest of her Renaissance tour.

Keep the proposal videos coming people.

Source: H.metro

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