Beyoncé checked the brand of her sunglasses and then threw them to a lucky fan

The only thing that could possibly top seeing Beyoncé on the Renaissance World Tour is coming away with a free pair of designer sunglasses in the process—worn by none other than the Queen herself. Which is pretty much exactly what happened to a fan during Bey’s London tour stop.

TikToker Global Valentino showed up at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and ended up with incredible seats in the front row right in front of Beyoncé herself—who tossed over her sunglasses (but not before checking the brand, lol).

HOWEVER! Things took a turn when security rudely tried to take the sunglasses back, but fear not. Beyoncé wasn’t having him, and threw the sunglasses over once again. The whole thing is chronicled on TikTok, and as Global Valentino put it in the comments: “I fully lost control of my body in that moment.”
The 20-year-old film director also told the Daily Dot that the concert was the “best night of my life” and that “The sunglasses have my birthday inscribed in them. I was told they’re worth more than $53,000.”

Here’s a closer look at them!!!!If you need me I’ll be busy contemplating ways to get Beyoncé to give me her sunglasses.

Source: cosmopolitan

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