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Police launch new operation ‘No To Touts’ targeting rank marshals

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has launched an operation to remove touts from bus terminuses and bus stops across the country.

Dubbed “No To Touts”, the operation is targetting individuals who harass, threaten and force travellers to board buses or mushikashika (pirate taxis) against their will.

In a statement issued on Saturday, June 22, ZRP spokesperson Commissioner Paul Nyathi said public service vehicle operators who employ touts will be arrested and taken to court. Reads the statement:

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has launched a comprehensive operation dubbed, “No To Touts” throughout the country to specifically ensure that all touting activities by gangs who are harassing, threatening and forcing travellers to board public service vehicles and pirate taxis are arrested and taken to court.

As on 20th June 2024, a total of 410 touts were arrested and taken to court for the law to take its course.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has engaged the Judicial Service Commission for all suspects arrested to appear in court in batches. In this regard, no deposit fines will be accepted at Police Stations.

Public service vehicle operators and their crews are strongly warned against employing touts. The operators will also face the due consequences of the law if evidence points to them as employers of touts.

In the same vein, pirate taxis or mushikashika vehicles that are also using touts to perpetuate illegal activities such as picking up and dropping passengers at undesignated points will not be spared.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police urges the public to report anyone engaged in touting activities at any nearest Police Station or National Complaints Desk on (0242) 703631 or WhatsApp on 0712 800 197.

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