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Matopo High School ravaged by second fire in 5 days

Another blaze has devastated another building at Matopo High School in Matabeleland South, occurring shortly after a dormitory was severely damaged by fire just last week. According to a communication addressed to parents, Mr. Gardson Sibanda, the school headmaster, reported that the fire broke out on Tuesday morning in a building where additional mattresses were stored. Fortunately, the fire was swiftly extinguished.

“In the early hours of yesterday, another unfortunate incident occurred involving a small room adjacent to a Form Three hostel, currently unused by students but storing extra mattresses. We managed to rapidly suppress the fire, thanks to the prompt availability of fire extinguishers,” the message stated.

Mr. Sibanda expressed concern over the possibility of arson, citing preliminary investigations. “There is a significant likelihood that one of the students deliberately started the fire. One student reported witnessing another boy carrying fire using a cup, and shortly after the boy disappeared behind the building, the fire erupted. The motive behind this act of arson remains unclear and will be thoroughly investigated. What has transpired, dear parents, appears to be nothing more than mischief by our students,” Mr. Sibanda remarked.

He explained that due to inadequate performance of the school’s geysers during cold weather, students have been using firewood to heat bathing water, a practice that has been managed effectively thus far.

Reflecting on the recent hostel fire, Mr. Sibanda suggested that negligence on the part of a student might have been the cause. “Ultimately, we are taking decisive measures to prevent any further incidents and ensure the hostels remain a safe environment for our students,” he assured. This story will continue to develop as new information emerges.

In other news – Zimbabwean truck drivers disappear with maize load in South Africa

In a startling incident reported by Vehicle Trackers’ X account (formerly Twitter), two Zimbabwean truck drivers have gone missing along with a substantial 68 tonnes of maize in South Africa. The disappearance occurred during what was expected to be a routine transport from Germiston to Durban.

The drivers involved have been identified as Tinashe Matare, who was reportedly using Peter Moyo’s driver’s licence, and Arthur Nyamayaro. They were last seen on July 9, 2024, when they allegedly absconded with the valuable cargo, leaving behind a trail of uncertainty and concern. Read More

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