Nurse snatches patient’s hubby in Domboshava

A Domboshava nurse stands accused of bedding hospital visitors and her workmate’s husband. Bridget Mudonhi is alleged to have wrecked her workmate’s marriage when she bedded the latter’s husband only identified as Bangwayo.


She is also accused of luring one of the patients’ husbands Musani Moyo and secretly tying the knot with him. Makumbi villagers are reported to have threatened to demonstrate against Mudonhi if no action is taken against her adulterous affairs.

“As residents, we are not happy with sister Mudonhi’s actions and if no action is taken we will demonstrate because authorities at the hospital are aware that she wrecked her workmate’s marriage,” said one of the disgruntled residents.

“She went on to approach a local church leader to solemnize her marriage secretly with a married man of Hatcliffe she met upon his visit to the hospital. Meso a Mudonhi anovavarira kuchonya akaona varumw vanenge vauya kuzoona varwere pachipatata,” said the source. Contacted for comment, Mudonhi confirmed dating Bangwayo and tying the knot with Moyo.“To be honest with you Moyo is now my husband after he separated with his first wife and as for Bangwayo we had an affair but it didn’t last since he was married to my workmate,” said Musani.

I am not a whore as alleged, I can show you the marriage certificate to prove that I am legally married to Moyo I have decided to stop talking to my workmate because they are spreading lies. Who brought the story to you guys? Do you pay them? I am not aware that there are people threatening to demonstrate against me and I do not use juju,” said Mudonhi.

Moyo’s wife confirmed clashing with Mudonhi over her husband saying she warned her. “Who gave her my contact mukuwasha” do you want to add salt to the injury nekuti vana vangu varikutambudzika nekuda kwaMudonhi,” said Moyo’s wife I took the issue to our church pastor but nothing materialized after hearing that Mudonhi lured my husband and tied the knot with him behind my back. She warned me over losing my  husband and from that time my husband is no longer supportive and visits home here and there while staying at Makumbi hospital,” said Mai Moyo.

Moyo confirmed marrying Mudonhi legally saying he had separated with his wife and threatened to dump the family if the story sees the light of the day.

“To be honest if that story is published my job will be in danger and I will no longer look after the family to prove what the people are saying,” said Moyo.

“I never stopped looking after my family and the Makumbi nurse I married was single and all the time I visited her house no other man knocked the door during the night. My wife left the country for South Africa where she spent three years and I cheated since I was lonely. When she came back I had already sired a child with another woman beside Mudonhi and I finally got married to Mudonhi since she was single,” said Moyo refusing to disclose the marriage officer who solemnized their marriage.

Bangwayo confirmed cheating with Mudonhi describing her as loose and seductive. “My love with that nurse was not that intact only that she is someone loose and seducing. I have since stopped dating her,” said Bangwayo. Of you want more about this story better visit the hospital and get enough of what you want to know about the story,” said Bangwayo.

Source-H Metro

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