Whatsapp Update: New twist to the story of a woman who burnt herself after being accused of cheating

So this is what happened she was being accused of chihure just because murume saw ma mamessage mufone make from a guy anga achida mota which they were selling.


So the hubby called ma relatives ese kuti mkadzi ahura which was not the case yesterday ndipo pakaungana hama dzese kuti vatonge nyaya bt murume didn’t believe her.

So this morning(yesterday morning) she left to go and drop the kids to school and her tetes came to see kuti arara sei since vakamusiya yesterday achichema only to be told haasati adzoka from dropping the kids, so pavanga vakumutsvaga that’s when they were told kuti pane mota ikubvira near stadium only to find out it was her.

She killed herself beacuse she was being accused of something she didn’t do and people who are close to her didnt believe her(especially the hubby). It’s sad her kids are still young. Hanzi hubby is now ku police.

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