“Nyasha I am cuming….” More on Nyasha Chabika who has a Viral Video

“Nyasha I am cuming….” More on Nyasha Chabika who has a Viral Video that has rocked social media. According to social Tawananyasha Chabika popularly known as Nyasha is a single mother of one who used to work for Chicken Inn.

I know people from Chicken Inn will probably be looking at me funny after this but then again we can’t really delete employee history because they can s#ck and l!ck so well. Nyasha Chabika is based in Masvingo and according to sources, her father is Pastor Chabika a well-known figure in the community.

Nyasha Chabika

We are still gathering more information on our Masvingo duo and more will be available soon. So here is what we know so far about Nyasha Chabika is a single mother of one based in Masvingo and the daughter of Pastor Chabika. She used to work for Chicken Inn but now just dates Mbingas from Masvingo and around the area.

Nyasha Chabika

You can watch the video from our friends Naughty UK – Watch Video Here. Be sure to watch this with your earphones and take care as those words by Nyasha’s bestie who is said to be named Flora (this is unverified) could stick in your head! “Nyasha I am about to cum!”

We will give you more on Tawananyasha Chabika soon at the moment Masvingo is the town to be, Great Zimbabwe is the place to visit and who knows you might bump into the beautiful young Nyasha Chabika… We all have seen her skills and she surely can eat!

In More Scandals News – London Zim Man gives Yolanda from Birmingham some nice Lula action in the toilet

London Zim Man gives Yolanda from Birmingham some nice Lula action in the toilet and this has left lots of Zimbabweans in the United Kingdom shocked. Just when we thought we were recovering from the action of Nyasha and her oral bestie Flora then bang another scandal involving Zimbabweans but this is coming from the United Kingdom. It’s London Man vs Yolanda from Birmingham!

Yolanda from Birmingham 3

According to social media, the two met at an event and hit it off and ended up having some Lula Lula action in the bathroom. The biggest problem is that both Yolanda from Birmingham and the London Man are both married to other people. It is said that Yolanda now claims she was too drunk to participate in the toilet action despite the videos showing otherwise. SEE MORE

In Other News – Ivy Kombo’s husband trial postponed

The trial of gospel musician Ivy Kombo and her husband Admire Kasi, who are being charged with fraudulently acquiring fake certificates to practice law in Zimbabwe, has been postponed. This was after the defense highlighted that they were served with State papers yesterday and needed time to prepare. The couple is being charged with fraud and perjury.

Prosecutor Anesu Chirenje advised the court that the State was now ready to commence trial and would merge its docket with that of the main suspect in the whole scam, Huggins Duri. Chirenje told the court that in 2013, the couple graduated from the University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, with a Bachelor of Laws degree. Read More

In More News – ZANU-PF MP Campion Mugweni’s Girlfriends Exposed

ZANU-PF MP Campion Mugweni exposed. ZANU-PF MP Campion Mugweni has been implicated in yet another scandal after a video leaked by his wife with all the women he has slept with. It is alleged that Campion used President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s daughter to get into power during the last elections.

Mugweni who was in a relationship with Chido Mnangagwa duped her at the eleventh hour and married another woman after winning the Mazowe North seat. Read More

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