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WATCH: Bev Sibanda involved in a street fight with a man in Kwekwe

Raunchy dancer, Beverly “Bev” Sibanda, picked up a street fight in Kwekwe after being provoked by a man.

In a video circulating on social media, the S_əxy Angels’ boss reacted angrily to what the unidentified man seemingly said, and pushed and shoved him as they exchanged nasty words.

Bev Sibanda

“Wandidenherei, wandidenherei iwewe,” Bev can be heard shouting at the man.

She then pushed the man violently.

“Dzoka iwewe, dzoka uone,” she seethed, as onlookers gathered.

Watch the video:

Contacted for comment, Bev said she was not a celebrity and people wouldn’t want to know about her.

“I am not a celebrity, ndirikuda kuti vanzwisise.

“My life, my rules,” she said.

Of late, Bev has turned to selling skin products, which perhaps prompted some people to comment about her change in complexion.

“Ko Bev atova murungu so.

“Bev should understand her status and ignore haters,” one onlooker could be heard saying.


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