How To Unlock The Wishing Well-God Of War Ragnarok

There are many hidden areas that serve a grand purpose in God of War Ragnarok, like rewarding players with unique Resources and rare Crafting Components. The Wishing Well is one of these hidden areas, which can be found while exploring The Crater in Vanaheim. The area becomes available after Kratos helps Freya rescue her brother and complete the Scent of Survival Favor.

Unlocking the Wishing Well in God of War Ragnarok is a lengthy process as it requires completing a Favor before starting the actual mission. The Favor involves re-activating the water wheels so that The Crater can regain its former glory in Vanaheim.

How To Unlock The Wishing Well In God Of War Ragnarok

how to unlock the wishing well in god of war ragnarok

To unlock the Wishing Well in God of War Ragnarok, Return of the River Favor has to be completed to unlock the dam in The Crater as well as unlock the ability to use the boat.

Upon completing the mentioned Favor, there will be two distinct methods to reach the Wishing Well; either from the Skinholes Entrance Mystic Gateway or from the Jungle Entrance Mystic Gateway.

The Skinholes Entrance Mystic Gateway

skinholes entrance mystic gateway in god of war ragnarok

Complete the following steps to reach the Wishing Well:

use the spear to break rocks in god of war ragnarok

From the Skinholes Entrance Mystic Gateway southwest of The Crater, head up the ledge near the gate and destroy the rock using the Spear.

Head right to the gate in God of War Ragnarok and open it. Then, jump to the other platform and go right.

freezing the poison statue in god of war ragnarok

Freeze the poison statue using the Leviathan Axe in God of War Ragnarok after burning the red flowers using the Blades of Chaos. Proceed forward and be careful of the enemies throwing poison from the platform across.

using sigil arrows to burn red flowers in god of war ragnarok

Next, make God of War Ragnarok Freya mark the red flowers above using Sigil Arrows to burn them, revealing a red hook. Hop to the other side, then into an opening near a Crystalline Fragment.

crag jaw boss in god of war ragnarok

Afterward, crawl through the tunnel full of small flowers to reach a large opening where the Crag Jaw boss will appear.

Defeat it and burn the red flowers on the west side of the arena. At the end of the path, use the Blades of Chaos in God of War Ragnarok to reach the upper platform. Beware of the poisonous flowers.

use blades of chaos to break ceiling in god of war ragnarok

Kill the enemies and break through the ceiling in the western parts of the platform, and finally, open the gate to reach the Wishing Well.

The Jungle Entrance Mystic Gate

jungle entrance mystic gateway in god of war ragnarok

Before proceeding to the Wishing Well from the Jungle Entrance Mystic Gateway, players must defeat the Troll throwing rocks from the middle squared platform.

Upon opening the dam, row the boat to the newly opened dock on the square platform and defeat the two Trolls. Next, return to the Jungle Entrance Mystic Gateway and follow these steps:

Head east and use the red hook to reach the other side, then, open the gate on the left side of the platform.

the spear used as a step in god of war ragnarok

Use the Draupnir Spear in God of War Ragnarok to create a step that’ll lead to the upper ledge. Afterward, players must squeeze through the tiny opening on the left side.

the wishing well gate in god of war ragnarok

Keep following the path to arrive at the Wishing Well.

How To Use The Wishing Well

throwing crystals in the wishing well rewards items in god of war ragnarok

To use the Wishing Well In God of War Ragnarok, players need to destroy the orange crystals to obtain Crystalline Fragments. The latter can be thrown into the well to receive various items like Resources, Crafting Components, and new Armor Set in God of War Ragnarok. Kratos will automatically throw all the gathered crystals. These mysterious crystals can be found plenty while exploring any area of The Crater.


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