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Fantan’s ex-wife Gamu opens up about their marriage

Fantan’s ex-wife Gamu sat down with Olla on his program on Star FM to discuss the incidents that led to their breaking up. In the interview, she explained a lot of things and played audio which indicated that the dancehall star was not a man many knew on the stage.

She explained one incident in which the two were to attend a court session but Fantan instructed her to go back home and he never showed up for the session.

The interview exposed so many hidden things about the couple and breaking up was the best resolution they could ever get looking at it from the lacerations.

Fantan has also refused to comment and talk about all these issues in public.

The interview came at a time when the dancehall star was facing a lot of backlash from Winky D fans after he posted a post that attacked the fellow star and accused him of politicizing his project.

In other news – DJ Fantan fires shots at Winky D

Fantan has taken to his Facebook to share his thoughts on Winky D’s album Eureka, but he turned off the comments in fear of Winky’s followers. Here is what he wrote.

“Ndanga ndanzwa nevanhu vachiti ko sei ndakanyara iye mukuru akabuditsa dambarefu. Vamwe ndai ignore but since mibvunzo yawanda here is my point of view. Yes I was excited to hear about the project. I was happy to see other artistes featuring for once pama gitare emukuru. Learn More

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