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Guspy Warrior tells parents to be responsible of their children

Zimdancehall musician, Guspy Warrior, whose real name is Emmanuel Manyeruke, has urged parents to ensure that their children are safely transported to school.

In a post on social media, the musician said parents are aware that their children board overloaded vehicles to school and do nothing about it because “Mushikashika” provide a cheaper mode of transport.

He said parents and guardians should not blame authorities when tragedy strikes because they are also culpable. Wrote the Zimdancehall chanter:

Guspy Warrior

This is a sensitive issue. You will find that while some cars are the cheapest, they overload. The most hard-pressed parents would choose these because of the obvious reason, they are cheap.

It is so wrong to overload, but when the driver of the car gets involved in an accident, the parents of these kids will blame others as if they were not aware of this mess. Safety before profit.

Guspy Warrior

Guspy Warrior’s remarks come after two children were killed when two overloaded Honda Fit vehicles, carrying a combined 17 passengers, were involved in a head-on collision in Marondera on 23 January.

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