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5 times Stunner’s girlfriend served hot legs – Photos

Stunner’s beautiful girlfriend Curtney-Jade Malgas’s leg game is top-notch, and she definitely knows how to flaunt it in photos. Jade has been seen slaying and showing off more skin lately and her fans are loving it.

Jade is one woman that loves to dress well and share some of her hotness. She is also showing her fans that she is still the hot girl they all know and no matter the situation, she is still ready to serve them anytime.

Check out her leg game below:

Petite but my name hold weight




Leg game


Body goals


woman in black

In other news – Watch: Voltz and Holy Ten’s new wife, Kimberly having a romantic moment

It seems like the drama is not ending for Holy Ten and his new Wife Kimberly Richards, A few hours ago, the socialite Tatelicious leaked a video of the newlywed Kimberly and Voltz JT on her Facebook page. Holy Ten and Kim have to be strong in order for them to survive this drama and both of them no one has said anything about everything happening around them.

Furthermore, straight after the video was leaked, Shadaya had something to say regarding that as he tweeted, “They accuse us of gossip, tinenge tinayo information but tingori mature hedu, zvino ana Tatelicious havana kana kuti mangwana. Tatelicious revealed that this had happened a few days before 15k USD was paid as the bridal price for Kimberly. Learn More

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