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Alick Macheso urges the Chimbetus to unite and preserve Dendera music

Sungura musician Alick Macheso has urged Allan Chimbetu to unite with Suluman, Tryson, and his son Douglas to preserve Dendera music which was pioneered by the late Simon “Chopper” Chimbetu several decades ago.

Macheso said the Chimbetus should emulate the unity that was demonstrated by the late Dendera co-founders, Simon and Naison.

Addressing Allan on the stage after their joint show at Makuluwani Gardens near White House Shopping Centre at the weekend, Macheso said:

As the torch bearer of the Dendera music genre, you should help preserve the genre together with your children.

You must move together with Suluman, Tryson and Douglas as their father figure.

So far you are yet to realise much, which calls for you to unite.

Macheso later closed his eyes and prayed for Allan and the other Chimbetus’ financial prosperity. Said Macheso:

The day that God is going to hear me is when you are going to have a bumper harvest in terms of cash.

I know you are going to fight for this dream to come to pass because even those who died already are hearing our prayers.

The same people are going to fight for this and win it one day in their names.

Macheso has been supporting Suluman, Tryson, Douglas and Saiwe Chimbetu by making them curtain raisers during his family shows.

He has also offered to record them at Alema Music Recording Studio for free.

Source: Pindula News

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