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Comedienne Bee Wezhira involved in an accident

Comedienne Bee Wezhira has taken to social media to thank God for life after being involved in an accident on her way home on Thursday.

Bee Wezhira shared pictures from the accident scene on Facebook and further expressed gratitude for life.

Bee Wezhira

“Kudadirana kupedza nguva, anytime unongofa.

Few minutes ago.Ndini hangu ndakamira panaHarare Drive naEnterprise parobbot.So am going straight naEnterprise,the robbot is not working but pane mota dziri kuenda straight naHre Drive.So ndakamirira kut dzidarike ndigopindawo ndichienda straight naEnterprise.Ndauya ndabhagamurwa kumashure kwese nelorry hanz ndashaya mabrakes 😭😭‘.
We thank God she is alive 🙏
Bee Wezhira accident

In other news – Gold Mafia is bigger than Zanu PF said Al Jazeera

“Gold Mafia Episode 1: Laundry Service” will be aired on Al Jazeera TV tonight Thursday 23 March 2023, an advance version was already circulating on social media.There are six take-home points from Episode 1:

1) gold smuggling was sometimes a foreign currency earning and sanctions-busting scheme. Zimbabwe is free to sell gold and is paid in foreign currency on the international market and any problems it faced selling gold will be the same as selling diamonds or whatever. A lot of the foreign currency used to pay for the gold is dirty money and the lack of proper records, checks, and balances has encouraged this. Corruption is rampant and once again sanctions are being used as a feeble excuse and scapegoat.Learn More

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