Ruva’s social media platforms deleted #Ruva

Ruva has been trending on most Zim socials today after her n#des and s.e.x video got leaked by her former boss. Her real name is Ruvarashe Singano, she seems to have disabled her social media platforms Instagram (@ruvah_rashe), TikTok and Facebook.


Ruva has been trending for the wrong reasons after she was accused of cheating with more than one married man.  In August 2022, Ruva posted this on her TikTok…


Ruva seems to be a troublemaker and loves to play with married men. At first, a lot of people did not understand why she was trending but after the pictures of her n#des hit Twitter – she deleted or disabled her Twitter account and seems all her other social media platforms are also down.


We have been following all the tweets and some are angry with Ruva calling her names and others are saying ladies should keep their husbands on a tight leash.

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Watch Ruva’s Video and N#des Here

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