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4 adorable pictures of Mambo Dhuterere and his wife

Gospel star Mambo Dhuterere revealed he finds joy in parading his wife.  Dhuterere said his wife has been supportive of his music career since they got married.

In an interview a few years back, Dhuterere spoke of how easy it is to manage his career and family time at the same time.

Mambo Dhuterere is always sharing adorable photos of himself and his wife. The two never get tired of showing off their love and we are loving it.

Check out the many times’ Mambo Dhuterere and his wife served couple goals:

Mambo D and wife
matching outfits


Mambo D and wife1
couple goals


Mambo D and wife1
All white


Mambo D and wife3

In other news – 47 reportedly dead after pastor ordered them to fast for 30 days

It is a tragedy that religion, a source of hope, love, and unity for many people, can sometimes be exploited and twisted by those in positions of power. Such was the case in Kenya, where a pastor named Paul ordered his congregants to fast for 30 days, resulting in the deaths of 47 people.

Paul Mackenzie Nthenge, the founder of the church, also known as the “cult leader”, though in police custody, has denied any wrongdoing.Learn More

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